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I'm Eric

I've been called 'A Triple Threat' 

(dumb, unfocused, ignorant)

I was thinking about the breakfast sandwich I was gonna get after this shoot

Me wearing my mom's wedding dress


I titled the painting 'Suffering'

They snapped this photo right after they told me we killed Bin Laden


I love puppets. This isn't a joke.


Mr. Steal Your Horse

Taken with an IPhone 10 that promptly took a swim


Anything can be art. Even an oscillating fan

They don't make spacesuits for children and I think that's fucked up

I did a commercial, my true passion

I read my poetry to anyone who will listen and a lot of people who don't listen

That shirt is the only part of my college degree that I still use

I'm a writer and performer based out of Brooklyn. I teach at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where I am the co-director of the house team Characters Welcome. Mostly I work at a bar.


I teach and perform characters, write and direct sketch, and take baths. My sketches have been featured on TruTV and Collegehumor, and you might have seen me in season one of Desus & Mero if you didn't blink once.

I have a BFA in Theater from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, but that was probably a huge waste of time.

Resume & Reel available upon request


                         Stewart Talent                         



Bleecker Street



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